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School Policy

Uniform Policy

The Board of Education approved a mandatory School Uniform Policy for all kindergarten through grade 8 students beginning September 1996. Please review the uniform policy changes for 2008/2009 school year with your child. The changes are in bold text.



Color: Navy blue or khaki. Black is not permitted.

Style: Fitted at the waist or elastic waist

Fabric: Twill, cotton or cotton blend, polyester blend, corduroy; jeans and sweats are not acceptable

Note: Pants must fit at the waist and must not be more than 2 inches larger than waistline.

Walking shorts must be at least mid-thigh and may not extend below the knee. Pants or shorts must be hemmed and may be cuffed or uncuffed. Baggy leg pants and bicycle shorts are not allowed. Blue jeans are not permitted.

Skirts/ Skorts/Jumpers:

  1. •Color: Navy blue or khaki. Black is not permitted.

  2. •Style: Fitted at the waist or elastic waist

  3. •Fabric: Twill, cotton or cotton blend, polyester blend, denim is not acceptable

  4. •Note: Length must be mid-thigh (bottom of fingertips) to mid-calf.


  1. •Color: Navy blue, white or school color

  2. •Style: Polo, turtleneck, short or long sleeves

  3. •Note: All shirts and blouses must have collars and sleeves and must be tucked in


  1. •Color: Navy blue, white, khaki or school color


  1. •Note: Follow present District Dress Standards

Sweaters/Cardigans/Sweatshirts (pullover or zipper style):

  1. •Color: Solid color; navy blue, white or school color; school logos accepted

  2. •Note: May only be worn over uniform; shirts/blouses are not acceptable as outer wear

Special Comments:

  1. •Shoes must follow District Dress Standards for safety and comfort

  2. •Optional articles of attire will follow the present district Dress Standards

  3. •Scout uniforms may be worn on meeting days.

  4. •Students are expected to wear uniforms daily except for site designated school spirit days



The District's Dress Standards will be enforced along with the Districtwide Mandatory Uniform Policy.

No student shall be suspended from class or from school, expelled from school, or receive a lowered academic grade solely as a result of not complying with the District Dress Standards and the Districtwide Mandatory Uniform Policy.

No student shall be considered noncompliant with the policy in the following instances when:

  1. 1.noncompliance derives from a financial hardship

  2. 2.a student wears a button, armband or other accoutement to exercise the right to freedom of expression as provided by Education Code 48907, unless the button, armband, or other accoutement signifies or is related to gangs and/or gang activity as provided by Education Code 35183

  3. 3.a student wears the uniform of a nationally recognized youth organization, such as Boy or Girl Scouts, on regular meeting days

  4. 4.a student wears a school designated outfit on designated days

  5. 5.a student's parent or guardian has secured an exemption from the uniform policy by following the procedudre outlined below

If the student does not comply with the Districtwide Mandatory Uniform Policy or have a waiver on file, the parent or guardian shall be contacted by the designated administrator to:

  1. 1.ensure that the parent or guardian understands the reasons for the policy,

  2. 2.become informed about the Districtwide Mandatory Uniform Policy and to hear about the exemption procedure,

  3. 3.sign the exemption form or comply.




To exempt a student from the Districtwide Mandatory Uniform Policy, the parent or guardian must write or call the school to request an appointment with the principal to discuss and sign the exemption. New and returning students will be given one calendar month after arrival to obtain uniforms or sign the necessary waiver.


No student will be penalized in any way for failing to wear the uniform for reason of financial hardship. Each school will:

Designate a specific staff member to assist those families in need.

Work with the staff, local school community and business partners to identify resources.

Arrange for a method for recycling the uniforms.