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School Site Council

Our School Site Council is comprised of 10 members, 5 parents and 5 school staff,  including the principal, 1 non-teaching member and 3 teachers.  All members, except the principal, or her designee who fills the principal's spot in her absence, are elected to serve on SSC for a 2-year term.  Our current SSC members are:
Irene Tonkovich  (Parent)                                                              Dr. Rosa Soria (Principal)
Ceasar Salgado (Parent)                                                              Mailin Chan (Non-teaching member)
Christina Duran (Parent)                                                               Gary Ho (Teacher)
Jennifer Valenzuela (Parent)                                                         Khanh Nguyen (Teacher)
Sara Safa (Parent)                                                                        Alana Acosta (Teacher)
Noya Wang (ELAC Representative/Non-voting member)             Abel Bourbois (administrator's designee)
Elections take place in November when open seats arise.
SSC Meetings for the 2022-23 school year are listed in the attachment below. QR Codes and zoom links are listed for meetings held via zoom. For questions and additional information please contact the office at (626)570-6220.