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Mission & Vision

The Monterey Highlands Staff commits to engaging and providing access to all students, instilling in the students a belief in their ability to succeed while also developing positive relationships to support every students' social emotional well being.  Through collaboration and data analysis, all staff will support each other to ensure that instruction is focused to support all students academically, as well as social-emotionally.
• All Monterey Highlands students will meet or exceed their capacity in reaching grade level standards.
• The staff will be highly qualified and consistently supported through sound research-based professional development, open, reflective dialogue, and honest collaboration.
• Parents will be provided a variety of ways to support and foster their child's success in meaningful ways at school.
Monterey Highlands School, with its culturally and linguistically diverse population, will be an educational environment where not only are the academic needs of ALL students met, but also fosters the social-emotional development of every student. Students will reach their individual full potential in a positive learning environment that enhances self-esteem, promotes kind, compassionate social interactions, and encourages the development of mindful, responsible members of society.