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Dear Monterey Highlands Parents and Teachers,

My name is Jennifer Valenzuela and I’m this year’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) President at Monterey Highlands. It is an honor to serve you and our students this year. There is little doubt that this will be a challenging school year considering the uncertainties we’ll be faced with. Successfully addressing the needs of students, parents and teachers has never been more critical. Now, more than ever, we need advocates in our corner to support the educational, physical and mental well-being of everyone in our Monterey Highlands family. This is the kind of support the PTA aims to provide this year.

This year’s PTA board has already been working with Dr. Molina-Solis to modify as many of our regular events as possible given distancing guidelines. Additionally, we are developing new on-line events for both students and parents to encourage social interaction and communication.
Some ideas for this year are:
• Virtual assemblies & teacher support
• Book Fairs
• Jack o’ lantern decorating
• Red Ribbon Week
• Operation Gratitude Letters
• Stuff-a-mascot
• Family Math Night
• College and Career Week
• Schoolwide Read-a-thon

One way you can help facilitate these endeavors is to join the PTA. By joining, you will not only help make the ideas above a reality, but you will also be joining an organization whose mission is to make every child’s potential a reality. Each day on a local, district, state and national level, PTA members are advocating for all children. When you join the PTA, you join that collective

To join the Monterey Highlands PTA for the 2020-2021 school year you can sign up here:
If you have ideas on ways the PTA can support the needs of our community, please reach me at . I would love to hear them!
Mark your calendars! The first PTA meeting of the school year is set for Wednesday, September 9 at 6:30pm.  An email with the link will be sent out by early September. If you’d like to stay up-to-date on other PTA news and events, please subscribe/follow our Facebook page.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve,
Jennifer Valenzuela
President, Monterey Highlands PTA
1) Next week we will celebrate Red Ribbon Week (Oct 26-29)
Red Ribbon Week is a nationwide anti-drug/alcohol/violence prevention campaign. This year's theme is: "Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Drug Free."
2) Saturday/Sunday 10/23-24- Decorate the fence around the Red Ribbon Banner with your own Red Ribbons. A limited # of ribbons will be available. You are encouraged to bring your own, if possible.
3) Attached is a list of daily events that we encourage everyone to participate in. Let's celebrate and show our Husky spirit! For more information or to learn about the history, please visit the Red Ribbon Week Campaign website. There are national photo contests and a national 2021 theme contest as well with chances to win $1000 and $500, respectively. Please see for more information. You can also print out the Drug Free Pledge and take a photo of yourself. In addition to promoting awareness, events like these help to build community for our students and families. Share your photos online with hashtags: #redribbonweek #mhelempta #montereyhighlandselementary.
4) Don't forget to attend the Drive-Thru Candy Caravan at Highlands on 10/29 from 3-5 pm; We are still accepting candy and treat donations for the event! This is a great opportunity to buy candy for community kids to trick or treat in a safe manner! There will be several booths for the kids to get treats from.
5) Don’t forget to submit a picture for the Paper Pumpkin Decorating Contest! There will be 3(!) winners PER grade TK-8: 1 for each category of Cutest, Scariest, and Most Creative! Email by this Friday, Oct. 23 at 8 pm! #mhelempta #montereyhighlandselementary
6) Also, Just for Fun, please submit photos of how you and your family are celebrating Halloween this year! Whether you decorate your door, your room, your house or your pet...send us a picture to share with the rest of the school! Email by this Friday, Oct. 23
7) Save the Date: Wednesday Nov. 11 will be a Nationwide Panda Express Fundraiser. Order online for pickup or delivery and the school will earn 28%! More info to come as we get closer to the date!
When you become a PTA Member, you help make great things possible. Your membership supports valuable programs and services being delivered at Monterey Highlands!  Please join today!
Earn Free Money for our School! There are quite a few ways you can support Monterey Highlands when you're doing your normal, everyday shopping.  Learn more on the attached flier!
Please support our virtual book fair which is going on now, August 31-September 13!  Shopping link is:
MH 2020-21 PTA
Executive Board
Jennifer Valenzuela
Exec. Vice President:
Carlos Camargo
 1st VP of Programs:  Connie Ng
2nd VP Fundraising: Jennifer Olivas
3rd VP Communications
Sengdeuane Tom
Recording Secretary:
Christina Garcia-Duran
Corresponding Secretary:
Joyce Amaro
Alison Worthington
Ayumi Yokoshima
Masumi Murakami
Alana Hinojosa
Teacher Rep:
Russel McNeil