Community Blacktop Access

Dear Monterey Highlands Community, 

Thank you for your patience and support as we approach the conclusion of the Lower Blacktop modernization project. Your understanding and cooperation have been instrumental in making this project a success.  

We plan to open up the Blacktops for community access (evenings and weekends) as soon as the final construction milestones are completed and AUSD has given us a green light to proceed.  Here is the work that remains: 

    • The concrete base for the marquee pole was poured 5/28 but needs to fully cure for 56 days.
    • The electronic marquee will be mounted on the pole once the concrete is cured.
      • All electrical and network access for the marquee have already been connected.
    • In early July, the blacktop will be slurry-sealed to protect against the elements.
    • Game striping (foursquare, hopscotch, chess, basketball, kickball and more) will be painted on the lower blacktop once the slurry seal has set.
    • The school will be adding some bench seating for the benefit of students and the public.
      • These furniture items have already been purchased.

Thank you again for your patience.  We look forward to welcoming the community to this updated space soon!

-Monterey Highlands Administration