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GATE- Gifted and Talented Education

AUSD GATE Identification:

The GATE identification process begins in 3rd grade.  Students have the opportunity to be tested by teacher referral or parent request.  New and current students in grades 4th-8th, not previously tested, may also choose to be tested.  Students are assessed using the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT).  Eligibility is determined by a ranking matrix which also includes standardized academic scores in ELA and Math.

AUSD & Monterey Highlands GATE Support:

Elementary students who are identified as GATE receive differentiated instruction in the classrooms, leveled grouping in Strategic Teaming, and site-based Universal Access program offerings.  


Additional Monterey Highlands GATE Support:

At Monterey Highlands, we are proud to also offer after-school enrichment programs for our GATE students. This past year we were able to offer a 10-week afterschool enrichment opportunity for qualifying students. Enrichment was provided by our very own Monterey Highlands teachers who engaged students in one of the following activities:
In this class, students explored podcasting as an emerging form of media. 
1. Students listened to and analyzed podcasts made by other students.
2. Students worked in teams to design, record, and mix 5-10 minute podcasts. 
3. Students had the opportunity to submit a podcast to NPR's Student Podcast Challenge 2022.
4. Students created a digital portfolio to display and share their podcasts.
In this class, students studied engineering design principles to try and design and build temporary, low-cost, portable, and attractive shelters that help alleviate the homeless problem in Los Angeles.
  1. Defined the problem to be solved.
  2. Identified constraints on the solution based on time, money, and materials.
  3. Brainstormed multiple solutions for the problem.
  4. Made a prototype of the most promising solution.
  5. Tested the prototype
  6. Iterated to improve the prototype.
  7. Wrote a proposal to government officials on why they should implement this solution.




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