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GATE- Gifted and Talented Education

AUSD GATE Identification:

The GATE identification process begins in 3rd grade.  Students have the opportunity to be tested by teacher referral or parent request.  New and current students in grades 4th-8th, not previously tested, may also choose to be tested.  Students are assessed using the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT).  Eligibility is determined by a ranking matrix which also includes standardized academic scores in ELA and Math.

AUSD GATE Support:

Elementary students who are identified as GATE receive differentiated instruction in the classrooms, leveled grouping in Strategic Teaming, and site-based Universal Access program offerings.  


At Monterey Highlands, we are proud to also offer after school enrichment programs for our GATE students. We have partnered with JPL and CalTech to offer a robust, interactive project based learning experience for our identified GATE students. It is offered in the spring for GATE students in 3rd-8th grades. We alternate program topics to ensure our GATE students remain engaged and participate in the program year after year. Following are the topics we offer in our PBL GATE experience:

3rd/4th= Earth/Oceans

5th/6th= Computer Science/Astonomy

7th/8th= Engineering/Problem Solving

Gifted Education Quotes (Page 3) -

Please enjoy the GATE students' showcase of work for the 2020-21 Distance Learning GATE Enrichment Program!
We are so proud of our Huskies!  Thank you to Mr. John Buha for leading our Huskies towards innovation, analytical thinking and cooperative collaboration! 
Student Showcase - Ridge View Elementary